Saturday, January 31, 2009

Ice Storm

We are in a state of emergency here. Our county and several counties around us were hit so hard by the ice storm that some places have been evacuated. We have been without power since Tues. morning. That means no heat, no light, no hot water, no phones, no internet or cell phone service. We have been huddling around our fireplace to keep warm, as the temps have been hovering around 32 degrees until yesterday, when it got up to 42 or so. Today is Saturday, and cell phone service is working, the water advisory has been lifted, but still no power. I am writing this from a friend's house in Clarksville. We went to Hopkinsville on Thursday for food and supplies. The Walmart Supercenter was out of batteries, bread, etc. and could not run credit cards. There were very long lines at the gas stations that still had gasoline. Some were completely out, as people just north of us evacuated and headed south. We are OK. We are all well and we have food, a fireplace, a cell phone, and flashlights. We count our blessings as many, many, other people are trying to make do with less, or are waiting at a shelter.

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