Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Creations from an old sweater

It was a beautiful cotton knit sweater, but it was big and bulky and I almost never wore it. So, inspired by an ad in the Pottery Barn catalog for a "sweater knit" pillow cover, I cut it apart and made one myself.

I was so happy with the result that I kept going. The sleeves of the sweater made perfect doll dresses. Here is Ella Mae modeling for me. I attached the straps to the front behind a faux leather button. They snap in place behind the shoulders in the back. Then I made another strap from the scraps of knit and sewed it onto a leather coin purse that happened to be just the right size for an 18 inch doll. I think she looks pretty chic, don't you?

Saturday, January 2, 2010

A Strange Conversation

It's really cold here and the wild critters are looking for sanctuary. I got up during the night to get a drink of water when a mouse ran across the kitchen floor. I gave a little scream. (I wasn't afraid of the mouse, just surprised by the mouse.) He was behind the stove by this time, so I went back to bed. My husband was slightly awake, and this was our conversation word for word (I'm not making this up)

Me: Did you hear that scream?
Him: Uh-huh
Me: It was a mouse.
Him: A mouse screamed?
Me: No, I screamed because there was a mouse in the kitchen.
Him: What was a mouse doing in the kitchen?
Me: Um... looking for snacks?
Both of us: ZZZZZZZZ.......