Saturday, January 31, 2009

Ice Storm

We are in a state of emergency here. Our county and several counties around us were hit so hard by the ice storm that some places have been evacuated. We have been without power since Tues. morning. That means no heat, no light, no hot water, no phones, no internet or cell phone service. We have been huddling around our fireplace to keep warm, as the temps have been hovering around 32 degrees until yesterday, when it got up to 42 or so. Today is Saturday, and cell phone service is working, the water advisory has been lifted, but still no power. I am writing this from a friend's house in Clarksville. We went to Hopkinsville on Thursday for food and supplies. The Walmart Supercenter was out of batteries, bread, etc. and could not run credit cards. There were very long lines at the gas stations that still had gasoline. Some were completely out, as people just north of us evacuated and headed south. We are OK. We are all well and we have food, a fireplace, a cell phone, and flashlights. We count our blessings as many, many, other people are trying to make do with less, or are waiting at a shelter.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Doll Clothes

C got a new doll for Christmas. She named it Ella Mae. It only came with one outfit, so I have been busy sewing some clothes for her. Here are some of the outfits. (From bottom pic to top...)
The first is a blouse with cuffs that snap and a petticoat to wear under her dresses. The next is a red corduroy Christmas gown with hand-knitted trim and a knitted shawl that fastens with a hidden snap. To go with the dress, I made a hooded coat with matching trim, and I finished the look with purchased (online) ice skates. The blue outfit is jammies with white piping trim. (I knitted the kitten, too, isn't it cute?)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

A beautiful day

Today was a beautiful day. The temp was in the lower 50's and the sun was warm. We brought the horses up and I picked and trimmed their feet and treated them for thrush. We've had issues with thrush ever since the summer. We took Chippy out again today. He played in the trees and hid nuts. When it was time to go in, we had to get the ladder again and make him come down. This time he was very angry about it and growled at us and put his ears back. We did get him back safely in his cage, but I think it is time to let him go.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


This is a really hard time of year for me. The farm seems so cold, so dead. The horses look miserable out in the weather. The cat's fur is tipped with icicles. The fields look so barren. I feel bored and lonely in my little cave. My body aches to run and play in the warm sun. Will Spring ever come? I must content myself in the knowledge that my Creator has purposed this season. He also promised Spring. I will be patient, and I will dream about babies... baby chicks to feed and keep warm, baby kittens to search for in the hay loft, baby goats with a mother to milk, baby calves to bottle feed, and my own babies frolicking in the pool, or riding the pony, or picking peas in the garden...

Friday, January 16, 2009

Moms and Dads are teachers too!

Today I was reviewing a science chapter with my eighth grader who has been homeschooled since birth. The chapter was about basic biochemistry and metabolism which I find particularly interesting. My son listened to my lengthy explanations and then said, "Mom, you should be a teacher."

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Pecans for Sale

We've harvested over 250 pounds of pecans from the largest pecan tree in KY. I've washed and bagged them all as well. If you know anyone interested in buying fresh, organic, home grown pecans, please direct them to this blog. Our prices are $10/4.5 lb.bag, $4.50/1.5 lb. bag, (those are both in the shell), and $6/1 lb. shelled halves and pieces. We may end up at the farmer's market this spring. We have a LOT to sell.
Email your order to me at Be sure to include your mailing address so I can figure your shipping. Prices do not include shipping, but I will only charge you the actual shipping cost to your address.