Monday, February 15, 2010

Doing it God's Way

It really irks me whenever I see the title of something that claims to be "God's Way", like "Raising Kids God's Way" or "Managing Your Money God's Way" or "Sweeping the Floor God's Way", or whatever. This immediately implies that if the reader does not implement the methods contained within, they are doing contrary to God's will. If you have created a method based on Bible-harvested principles, then say so, and please share it with the world. But to say that your method is God's Way is presumptuous and egoistic. Because, in actuality, God's ways are shockingly different from our own. He draws straight lines with crooked sticks, creates beauty out of garbage, and slays his only true son in order that worms like us can be his adopted children. God's ways blow our minds.