Saturday, January 24, 2009

Doll Clothes

C got a new doll for Christmas. She named it Ella Mae. It only came with one outfit, so I have been busy sewing some clothes for her. Here are some of the outfits. (From bottom pic to top...)
The first is a blouse with cuffs that snap and a petticoat to wear under her dresses. The next is a red corduroy Christmas gown with hand-knitted trim and a knitted shawl that fastens with a hidden snap. To go with the dress, I made a hooded coat with matching trim, and I finished the look with purchased (online) ice skates. The blue outfit is jammies with white piping trim. (I knitted the kitten, too, isn't it cute?)


Nancy said...

Wow,those are impressive! And that little knitted kitten is too cute. What a wonderful keepsake.

Sarah said...

WOW Kari! American Girl gets big bucks for that kind of thing! You could have a side job in the winter. My sister-in-law would be in awe...she just spent big bucks on doll clothes.

I'm impressed!