Saturday, May 22, 2010

Avatar-- a critique

I just watched this movie-- at home-- on my computer. I'm sure it was much better at the theatre-- in 3D. 'Cause without the full effect of the awesome special effects, this movie didn't have much to go on. The premise was interesting... using an avatar to infiltrate a native population... but that was just about the only original idea in the whole movie. Yeah, I know the creators of this earth spirit worshiping alien species probably thought people like me would ooh and ahh over the fictitious dinosaur-like creatures and plant life, and some of it was quite interesting. But there it stops. The plot was soooo predictable, the dialogue lacking, and the story elements stolen from other films! If you have seen Disney's Pocahontas, Star Wars Return of the Jedi, and Dinotopia, then you pretty much have already seen Avatar. If you are reading this and you are one of the people responsible for this movie, please don't make a sequel. That's already been done. -wink-


Jennifer Sikora said...

I totally agree with you. I was not impressed. However, everyone else in my family thought it was awesome.

I just don't get it! LOL

By the way, I love the look of your blog! The ducks are adorable. You make me want to have a farm :) The baby goats and ducks and animals make my heart happy!

Sarah said...

I'm glad to hear this...I was assuming it was more hype than not. All those awards!!

Blind Side deserved more.

Thanks for saving me the time.

Elisabeth said...

Silas and I really loved the idea of their whole world being an organic computer of sorts. We thought that was a really original idea :)

vicduncan said...

I LOVED the special effects. So cool to watch. I don't recommend the story for children, and it had a really terrible political message (liberal, calling into question the US involvement in Iraq, etc.)

Kari said...

Calling into question the US involvement in Iraq? please explain
Lizzie, you are right.
Sarah, Richard would probably love the special effects.
There was one good message in this movie and that was "love trumps greed" however the writers' idea of what love is and what greed is were quite limited and stereotypical.