Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Farm Day

This is supposed to be a "hobby" farm, but some days it just takes over. Like yesterday we awoke to a phone call from a neighbor saying that our animals had escaped from our field into his. It turned out to only be one animal, Bunny. But it took a good chunk of the morning to retrieve her, and then fix the spot in the fence that failed to restrain her. (Bunny is the gray llama on the right.)
Then, way behind schedule, I went to the barn to milk the goat, and found a visitor in our sycamore tree.
Of course everyone had to come and see, including Summer and Sunshine, our "twin" cats.
A little while later, we went to an Amish dairy farm nearby and purchased some Jersey/Holstein bull calves. We will bottle feed them twice a day until they are weaned, then they will become steers raised for their meat. The thing about bottle-fed calves is that they will mob you if they can and slobber all over you looking for food. Farm Days can be fun!


Nancy said...

I laughed at your comment about how the hobby farm "takes over". We've got even fewer animals than you all do and we certainly feel that way sometimes too!

Love all the pics. I think I'd like to hug your llamas. Do they like to be hugged?

Spring is finally here. Yay!

Sarah said...

Look at your updated blog! Awesome! The calves are so cute!

Kari said...

Nancy, Bunny does like to be hugged, but not Charlie.