Monday, March 16, 2009


Well, we did it. We let Chippy go free at Grandpa's house. We nailed Chippy's nest box in a tree, set out his food and water dishes on a convenient stump and walked away. He proceeded to scamper all around and up and down the tree, heady with the exciting smells and textures. We walked back to the house and watched from a window. Another squirrel came by! Chippy made a threatening movement toward it, and it fled. Oh well, not too bad for his first squirrel encounter. The little girls woke up this morning missing Chippy. They called Grandpa to see if Chippy was still OK, but I think Grandpa was still waking up. We'll call again later... Here is a pic and video from the blessed event.


Jennifer Sikora said...

I will miss Chippy..sniff sniff. I have enjoyed reading about him!

Hope all is well.

Nancy said...

Awww, I'm sure that was bittersweet. You all did a really good job of caring for him.

Sarah said...

Goodbye Chippy! We will miss hearing about you!