Friday, March 27, 2009

Down time

It's been a long week. I've got a bad cold that won't go away, and haven't done much school with the little ones. But this "down time" has given them a chance to do some neat things on their own. C brings books to my bed for me to read to her and we've had lots of nice snuggle time. Little R has been reading extra books to ME. And she came up with a book-making project all on her own. (She's eight years-old.) She wrote a story using the computer word processing program and then took pictures with my digital camera to illustrate it. Then we downloaded the pictures onto her writing and printed it all out on my color printer. She was very pleased with it. She's waiting for her big sister to get home from shopping so she can help her make a cover for the book. I know she wouldn't have been so enthusiastic about it if I had MADE her do it as an assignment, so maybe down time is part of God's plan, too. (wink)


Jennifer Sikora said...

Don't you love those down times!

I love all the dresses that you sew for your dolls...where do you get the patterns?

Kari said...

No! I hate down times. I feel like a dead-beat mom. I need to DO stuff to feel like I'm doing stuff. But I know that's not what it's really all about. It's really about being there, and being real with your kids.

Sarah said...

You had such the "Charlotte Mason" type few days. Lots of snuggle reading and self-directed writing?? Homeschool mom dream!

LOVE the doll dress! You really could put this stuff on!

Nancy said...

R's book sounds absolutely wonderful. Isn't it amazing how God reminds us that He is the one really doing the work?

I've been kind of struggling with the same thing, but Jon has kind of been in learning mode and I've just been really blessed to see him learning even when I'm not at the top of my game.