Saturday, February 7, 2009


Re. Ice Storm: We continue to enjoy the luxury of electricity while thousands still do not, my father being one who has now gone 12 days in a cold and dark house. He did spend a few nights at our house when the temps were in the teens, but it is in the 50's and 60's now during the day, so he has been back home... waiting. He thinks there should be a prize for the very last person to have their power restored, along with a personal note of apology for being last. These little fantasies help him to cope.

Re. Chippy: Our squirrel continues to thrive in his captive environment. He discovered my potted plants recently. Did I tell you squirrels love to dig? His release is scheduled for March, or late Feb. depending on the weather. I fear it will be hard on all of us (except Dad) when we let him go.

Re. Fun: We went ice skating at the sportsplex yesterday and had a great time. The little ones had never skated on ice. (We go roller skating about once a year.) By the end of an hour and a half, even the 5 year-old was venturing out on her own.

Re. Ella Mae: Here is my latest doll clothes creation...


Nancy said...

I think the last folks to get their electricity do deserve some kind of prize. Perhaps a generator? Ha, hee, hoooo, I crack myself up.

6 days wasn't TOO bad, but it was bearable since everything was kind of crazy. I'm sure it's much harder to be without electricity when most everyone else is back to normal.

Kari said...

His power finally came back on Sunday afternoon. That's 13 days. Wow