Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Birthday, turkeys, and squirrel

Little R turned 8 on Saturday. She got a trampoline for her birthday. (God blessed us with a used one.) She had a party with several friends and had a great time. Here they are playing the yarn game. Each person has to say one sentence of a story and then toss the ball of yarn to someone else, who then tells the next sentence of the story. However, each person must hold onto the yarn before they toss it. We also played a game with balloons in which each person has a balloon tied to their ankle. Then everyone tries to pop the balloons without having their own balloon popped. Fun! It was rainy and a bit snowy that day, so the kids did not get to jump on the new trampoline, but they didn't seem to mind.

Just a couple videos to share. One is of a flock of wild turkeys we ran into about a quarter mile from our house. The other is of Chippy hiding a nut. Chippy has a nest box now. He doesn't quite get the idea of it yet, but when he decides to make it his home, we will be able to move it outside and set him free. I'm also waiting for the weather to be more consistently warm. But I'm quite sure Chippy will be set free in the month of March.

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Elisabeth said...

We played this at Katie's 8th birthday with the Robertsons and the Youngs! Ah, my childhood....