Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Voting in Roaring Springs

We voted first thing this morning. That was pretty much routine, except for the view across the street from the volunteer fire station where we vote. Here are a couple pics of what is left of the triple murder scene. For those of you who are reading this from a distance and have not read it in a paper: The killer of the children, and attempted killer of their mother, has been arrested and we hope will be soon tried and executed. A motive has not really been explained other than that he was their DirecTV guy. I have heard that it may have been more of a stalking situation. Tell me, how does an otherwise normal guy, suddenly, and somewhat randomly, attack a woman, try to kill her, and then stab her three children to death, including a 5 year old little boy? It is unnerving having that intensity of evil so close to one's haven of home. Kristy, we are praying for you. Justice will be done, and although you may not see it, there is still Love in the world.


Stephen said...

I have said from the beginning, somehting doesn't add up. I honestly believe he was set up by someone, but that is just my opinion. Glad to see that everyone is doing okay. How is Chippy's toe? Any better? I love wittle squirrels!

Jennifer Sikora

Kari said...

I don't think it was a set-up. Kristy, the mom who was attacked, was able to identify him as the attacker.