Friday, November 28, 2008

The Mighty Duck Hunters

Father and son had a successful duck hunt this morning. Ricky shot his first duck, a bufflehead. He's not a hunting fanatic like his dad, but he very much enjoyed it today. I spent most of the day cleaning all the ceiling fans and lighting fixtures in the house. (boring- I know, but you won't find me attempting to shop today.) I'm trying to gear up for doing the windows tomorrow. All the windows in the old section of the house are so old that they don't open well, leak air, and are difficult to keep clean. I only attempt it once a year in the fall after the insects and spiders have finished their damage for a season and the dust from the planting of winter wheat has settled.


Heidi said...

That's exciting! Is he going to mount his bufflehead?

I like your window washing idea. Very smart.

Kari said...

Yes, I think he is going to mount it-- with Dad's help. But he is no way as enthusiastic about mounting stuff as Toby is.