Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Raising Butterflies

A project we did this summer was raising painted lady butterflies. We bought a kit with a pop-up netted butterfly house and a coupon for mail-order butterfly larvae. The caterpillars arrived in a plastic cup with their food already added. We watched them grow for about a week, then all 10 of them crawled to the top of the cup and made chrysalides. We carefully removed the liner on the lid of the cup and pinned it to the netting on the house. When the butterflies emerged about a week later, they were so fun to watch! The girls spent hours feeding them sugar nectar and fruit, letting them crawl on their hands, and watching them sip with their proboscis'. After several days we set all the butterflies free on some zinnias we had growing outside. This was a wonderful hands-on learning project. Click on the video below to see the butterflies in feeding action.

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Sarah said...

We did that when we first moved here and all of them lived! When we released them, one flew and landed on Hannah's nose and then flew away! Then this past school year I mentioned that and found out Emma had NO recollection because she was only 2. So I did it again with her. It is amazing!