Thursday, September 25, 2008

Pears and Perseverance

We had an over-abundance of pears this year. We have just one tree but it was a boon. The thought of canning bushels of pears was daunting to me, so my resourceful husband decided to take over the job. He used a sweet cinnamon and clove sauce and filled several cans tonight. Let me tell you they are soooo good! This is the first time he's ever done any canning and I am so proud of him.
I am also very proud of R, my 7 year old. Here's the story: We have three horses, only one is really a welsh pony. He is very smart but very naughty and he does not like to be caught when he is at leisure in the pasture. I needed to treat him with wormer this morning so I send R out with the halter. Although she is the only person the pony usually will come to, today he would not be captured. So I had to join her in the 4 acre pasture and spend about an HOUR chasing him around until he surrendered from fatigue. R was ready to give up several times, but I would not let her. "We can't let him get away with this," I told her, "We've got to win." So through tired tears she persevered until the victory was won. What a wonderful character training lesson for both of us. I thought, if we do nothing else today it will still be a successful day in the eyes of a homeschooling mom.


Sarah said...

Wow! Those look delicious! Way to go! And way to go R on your successful "wrangle".

Cindy said...

I so enjoyed reading your story and looking at the pictures!! I must say, I felt I could almost taste the pears,cheer you on as you wrangled the pony and pet the sweet kittens!
Love to all!!!!