Monday, November 22, 2010

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What should I name my new wildlife rehab clinic? I need your input. Keep in mind that I will handle mostly baby squirrels, but am licensed to take in all mammals. Not that I would take in ALL mammals, I'm just sayin'.

Nutkin's Nursery
The Squirrel's Nest
Honeysuckle Cave Rehabilitation Clinic

any other ideas?


Nancy said...

Honeysuckle Cave Rehabilitation Clinic sounds the most official, but Nutkin's Nursery is the cutest.

Congrats on getting your license. What a fun adventure!

Sarah said...

I agree with the Honeysuckle Cave Rehabilitation Clinic. Sounds like someplace I would take seriously and call.

Anonymous said...

"Kari's Rehabilitation Clinic" and "Rick's Taxidermy" ??

vicduncan said...

Nutkin's Nursery- Specializing in animal rehabilitation.

Or something like that.

Congratulations! What a perfect job fit for you!