Tuesday, September 29, 2009

7 babies!

Our only female cat just had 7 kittens! It was her first litter, so Speckles came to us when she was in labor, and we put her in a basket in the laundry room to give birth. Her first baby was breech, but she didn't need too much assistance. This was Sunday morning, and we left for church with only two kittens born. When we got back she had all 7 safely delivered. Speckles was so happy and proud of her brood. There are 4 yellow boys, 1 black boy, and two black and white girls. We already have 4 farm cats, so I told the little girls we could keep two kittens and find homes for the rest.


vicduncan said...

We'll take one! ha ha

Nancy said...

I always love how the momma cats "hug" their babies. Soooo sweet.

Brooke said...

We could use a good male farm cat!