Saturday, December 20, 2008

Indian Spring

You've heard the term 'Indian Summer'; now I propose 'Indian Spring'. It's what we had yesterday when it was 68 degrees and sunny. It felt like Spring, only in a creepy, dead sort of way. There were few birds or insects out, and the plant life was not awakening. Chippy (our squirrel) seemed really excited to smell the outdoors when we opened all the windows in the house. What a nice break from the dark, cold winter we've been having. Thank you, God.

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Heidi said...

Sounds like the setting of a Stephen King novel.

68 and sunny sounds nice, but I do like my winter to be wintry. It's much better for sledding, skating, skiing, and all that other winter fun.

I get to drive on snowy, slick roads this afternoon to go see Terry Fator. Now THAT will be fun!